Wedding invitations, wedding invtation cd, luxury wedding invitations, expensive wedding invitations, interactive invitations
wedding invitations, wedding invtation cd, luxury wedding invitations, expensive wedding invitations, interactive invitations
Wedding Articles

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Contemporary Wedding Invitations
Just what you've been looking for... and just the way you want it!
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Expensive Wedding Invitations
Instead of sending paper invitations, you can send a memorable Wedding invitation CD that has the standard wedding information such as time, date, where, etc., but you can also do a lot more.
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High Class Weddings
Have high class wedding invitations for your fancy wedding. is the industry lead in developing custom wedding invitations on CD.
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Unique High-End Wedding Invitations
Find unique high end wedding invitations as unique as you are. Browse our selection to find creative styles and bold design. Our high-end wedding invitations are printed on the finest CD-ROMs. Place your order online today and create something unique!
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Interactive Invitations
Interactive CDs are named as such for a reason; they offer yet another medium for you to interact with your customers. Cost-effective, engaging, and cutting-edge, interactive CDs are a unique and memorable way to get your message across.
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Invitations For Wedding
We hope you enjoy our online wedding invitations for wedding. We try to offer a wide choice of wedding invitations and interactive invitations for events. If you want classical wedding invitations, traditional, modern or humorous, Elegant Invites offers invitations for weddings for the 21st century.
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Don't Panic! The world of CD-ROM technology is not as confusing as your instruction manual.
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Pricesless Wedding Invitations
Your wedding invitation is your first opportunity to wow your guests and give them a prelude for fabulous things to come. This is your chance to foreshadow the style of your wedding, so take advantage.
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An example of a Custom Wedding Invitation CD is if their are features or graphics, you like on one template and you want to add them to a different template.
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The following trends have been compiled from hundreds of sources in both North America and Europe to help guide you in your selections and to inform you of the vast array of options available.
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Wedding Invitations are the first hint your guests will have of the nature of your special event, they set the tone and mood for your wedding.
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Many of our customers always ask, “When is the right time to order wedding invitations?”  To help make the dilemma of ordering etiquette easier I have broken it down in a very easy format.


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Thanks so much for creating such a memorable invitation. All our friends enjoyed it and we'll be able to appreciate it for years to come.

Susan E. Thompson


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