Wedding invitations, wedding invtation cd, luxury wedding invitations, expensive wedding invitations, interactive invitations
wedding invitations, wedding invtation cd, luxury wedding invitations, expensive wedding invitations, interactive invitations
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Expensive Wedding Invitations

Instead of sending paper invitations, you can send a memorable Wedding invitation CD that has the standard wedding information such as time, date, where, etc., but you can also do a lot more. You can have up to 7 screens that allow you to really connect with your friends and family. Here are a few options you have that you can include in your expensive invitation CD for your wedding.

You and your fiancé can personally invite your guests to join you on your special day. This can be done with a video clip or a audio clip or a letter as long as you want it. Basically, you send this wedding invitation CD as you would expensive invitations made of paper. Your guests get it in the mail and put it in there computer CD-ROM drive. The CD automatically starts.

Tell  Your Story of how you met
The details of your touching story shouldn’t be a secret. You can share them with your guests. Your out of town friends and family will have the opportunity to get to know you a little better. When you see them at your wedding, they will feel like they know you already, because they know a little about you from what they saw or read on your wedding invitation CD. This can be done with a short video clip an audio clip or a letter as long as you want it.

Share Photos
Do you have the first photo you took together? Perhaps pictures from your first trip? Photos of both your families? Your wedding invitation CD allows you to share your most cherished and memorable photos with all of your guests.

Have RSVP’s emailed to you
A few mouse clicks allow your guests to accept your invitation to attend. If your wedding will have different meal options, you can also include them too. Electronic R.S.V.P. makes it easy for you to manage the guest list.

Provide Printable Directions
Provide family and friends with easy-to-read, printable directions to your wedding and reception or event(s). Friends and family will appreciate the effort to make the experience less stressful for everyone.

Share Your gift Ideas
Are you registered at several different stores or websites? Your expensive wedding invitation can include a screen to simplify gift registry and provide one-click access for your guest to wherever you’re registered. It saves your guests time. And, you get the gifts you really want. Pretty cool, huh?

We just touched on a few of the great ideas you can use to create a memorable wedding invitation. There are a lot of other options which can be included on your expensive invitation CD. Stop by or website to see all the latest designs and options.

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Thanks so much for creating such a memorable invitation. All our friends enjoyed it and we'll be able to appreciate it for years to come.

Susan E. Thompson


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